Redwood’s Consumer Recycling Program – Advocate Toolkit


Introducing Redwood’s Advocate Toolkit – a comprehensive resource spanning the basics of battery and device recycling, to the individual and community efforts shaping our clean energy future. Together, we can make consumer battery recycling safe, effortless, and free.


Download the toolkit to:

- Learn about lithium-ion batteries and safe recycling methods

- Access templates for community outreach

- Understand the role you can play in fostering responsible recycling habits

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Redwood Consumer Recycling Program

Redwood's Consumer Recycling Program is a nationwide initiative aimed at educating, engaging, and providing accessible recycling solutions for consumer batteries and devices.

Why recycle

Consumer devices contribute to the world’s fastest growing waste stream.

Americans spend trillions of dollars on electronics and discard hundreds of millions of devices each year. Very few of these products are recycled responsibly.


Low recycling rate

Less than 5% of lithium-ion containing devices are recycled.

3 years

Ownership cycle

Consumers keep their devices on average for 3 years.


Amount of waste

Americans throw out over 150 million phones every year. 

Why recycle

If recycled, your lithium-ion batteries and rechargeable devices can decrease global reliance on mining and lower the cost and environmental impact of our products.